coming home

I wish I got half excited about anything as my dog does when I walk in the door after being gone for months at a time. It’s comforting to know that I still manage to make someone’s day after all these years.

This weekend was the first weekend in a while that I was truely saddened that I discontinued my stay in Poway. I got misty-eyed walking into my room, and for once not because of the blindingly green coloring of my walls, but because my dad managed to not only make my bed for me, but also wash the sheets; and although it looked absolutely breathtaking, I made a last minute decision to sleep on the floor. An idea I’m still 100% stoked on.

But thanks again daddy, wherever you are.

And on Friday night I saw this guy:
and let me tell you… the man’s still got it.

Oh yeah, I have a brother now. Weird.


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